Electronic Age

The Electronic Age

In my day, when we wanted to speak to someone we got off our backsides and went to see them. Yes, face to face. There were no computers. Hell, I remember when TV came out. It was black and white, and only limited to a few hours a day. Then we got colour TV, and everyone was talking about M-Net Open Time. I was the coolest kid in high school when I got a mobile phone, and the thing couldn’t even fit in my pocket. And now, they tell me it’s the “Electronic Age.” These days, every second kid is on the in-ter-net. It’s unsafe, you know. There are all kinds of creeps on-the-line.iLuv.Dock

Whether we like it or not, the Electronic Age affects us all

These days, gadgets do everything for us. You will never, ever bump into someone in modern suburbia that does not have a cell phone on them. Chances are they have a tablet and an iPod on them too. As human beings, we are totally useless without our gadgets. It is for this reason that we have put together a few tips for you to survive the electronic age, or else you just won’t make it.

The Electronic Age: Survival Guide

Now, to be considered alive in the electronic age, you need to have a cell phone. And with a cell phone, you need accessories. Deal Africa has some fantastic discounts on cell phone pouches and covers. You’re going to need a laptop. Check out Deal Africa for amazing deals on laptop tables, and there’s even a current promotion on a Seagate 1.5TB external hard drive. And last but not least, you’re going to need an iPod. Obviously. And with an iPod you need speakers. Deal Africa currently has a promotion on Bluetooth speakers (that’s right – no cables), and, get this, they’re waterproof! Never need to worry about spilling your martini again.

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