Amazing quality Scooters for all ages.!!

Young and old can enjoy the fun and healthy lifestyle of quality scooters.


With Ttess store there is an answer to any scooter query.

“Being the owner and a dad of 5 kids who always struggled to get the latest craze ride-on products in South Africa, there was always the need to search and refine the local market. There are also stumbling issues with this type of product and Importing them in small quantities always costs an arm and a leg. So I decided to import quality products in bulk to help parents like me to also get Europe and America’s latest craze ride-on toys at affordable prices”‘

The endless possibilities of these machines are really astounding, from keeping you healthy and fit to just having a ball of a time, up to being a reasonable commuter as well.

We also bring leading quality and innovation to this market in Soutrh Africa and Do not promote any old gimmick products. Our lines are made of quality materials, wear and tear assured and safety standards certified. Some of our products are a first in SA and we always keep the quality up to superior spec.


Why not check these items out and if interested, you will not get a better deal anywhere then with us…!!!


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