Finding Bargains Made Easy with Group Buying

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people wanting to pay less and get more (or at least the same)! For as   long as people have been trading and selling goods and services, customers have been negotiating discounts   and better prices. Group Buying in South Africa now offers in-depth price comparisons and discounts offered by   various businesses every day, helping customers access unlimited savings on home appliances, gadgets,   holidays, restaurants and much more. In these trying economic times, customers are always on the lookout for a   good bargain which will reduce their monthly costs and save money. This includes bargains on essential items   but also on certain luxury products or services.

Groupon South Africa is one of the more known coupon providers that slashes prices drastically, although there are many other websites which provide these "daily deals". In total, there are about 25-30 group buying websites in South Africa (also known as daily deal websites), all offering great bargains on various types of products and services. In order to get all these great deals and discounts – all in one place – many consumers have began using group buying aggregators which show all the deals from the various websites in one place (for free). One of the biggest group buying aggregators and definately the most popular is "Dealafrica" which lists over 10 websites.

How much can I save if I hunt for these Bargains?

This relatively new method has saved consumers millions of Rands a year, and if utilized in the right way, can help you reduce your monthly expenses by hundreds of Rands a month (see our 10 tips for using group buying websites). Besides, there really is no reason why not to take advantage of these great bargain finding tools, especially seeing how they are free and are as easy as clicking a button. South Africans in particular want to counter the effects of the high cost of living and have started spending more time trying to find the best possible prices. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and are very price aware which of course has also added to the group buying frenzy.

For some people, shopping around for bargains comes naturally and they will not miss an opportunity to ask for a large discount off the original price or only buy at places that have sales, but others are only now starting to understand the importance of this new group buying method and it’s advantages.

To learn more on this subject, read our Group Buying South Africa article.

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