Catch of the day

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day is a “Deal a Day” website that usually offers one great product a day – the “Catch of the Day” and sometimes a group of products. The website was launched in 2011 and is one of the fasted growing group buying website in South Africa. The Catch of the Day team is situated in Johannesburg but the website offers daily deals to almost all major cities in South-Africa.

Catch of the Day

The product range on their website is extensive and everyone is sure to find something for their liking especially when the savings on the “Catch of the Day” are on average 30% – 70% off the normal retail price.

New products are made live at midday and run until the following day at midday or until they are sold out. The website offers great product deals which include the following categories: appliances, automotive, baby, books, electronics, fashion accessories, house and home, outdoors, security, pet accessories, tools, toys and games, health and beauty and much more.

The product range offered by Catch of the Day is so extensive and enticing that whilst reviewing their website we got “caught” and even bought a few products ourselves.

Catch of the Day does not currently offer services and rather focuses at present on great product deals. Wisely, in calculating the delivery fees for the products you buy, they work out the total number of goods in your shopping basket so as to optimize the cost of shipping and bring it to a minimum.

The Catch of the Day website is neat and easy to navigate, fast and convenient with secured ssl payments which guarantee online safety. Additionally, they are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and according to numerous reviews and what we’ve seen so far, they are doing a great job.

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