What does Dealafrica do?

Dealafrica tracks, indexes and categorizes all the local deals being offered and puts them in one place! So instead of having to search dozens of group buying websites, now you can just look in one. Dealafrica also sends out a daily email with all the best deals based on your preferences.

No more missing out on the best deals. Did we mention that’s it free?

Sounds great, how do I subscribe to the daily email?

All you have to do is subscribe to our daily email by inserting your email in the subscribe box and clicking “Register”. We will then send you a confirmation email and all you have to do is click the authorization link in it. That’s it…you will then begin receiving our daily emails.

Are there any other ways I can follow Dealafrica?

Sure. You can “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on twitter.

I subscribed but I’m still not getting the daily email?

Check your spam box – maybe the authorization email went there. If not, try entering your email in the subscription box once again. If that still doesn’t work, click here to contact us.

Does the service cost money?

No. Subscribing to our daily emails is 100% FREE!

But what do you do with my email address?

Nothing! We never share and never spam. Besides sending you the daily email we will not use your email address for any other purpose unless stated so in our privacy policy.

How do I change my deal preferences?

In the daily email there is a link which leads you to your preferences page. There you can easily edit your preferences.

How do I unsubscribe?

Each of daily emails contains an unsubscribe link. Just click on it but know that we will be sorry to have you go.

So, just to be sure, do you sell coupons?

No. We only show the coupons being sold on the various coupon websites.

How do I buy the coupons then?

Easy. All you have to do is click on the golden words “Get It” in the deal you want and you will be transferred to the coupon website offering the deal.

I have a coupon website, how do I add my deals to your website?

No problem. Just click here to contact us.

Did we forget anything?

If so, feel free to click here to contact us – we love receiving feedback, good or bad (the bad get deleted automatically but we still like receiving them) ☺