Holidays…..Its what You Need..!!!

What YOU need… is a holiday

It’s gotten to that time of the year where most of us have all but burnt ourselves out. You’ve worked your unmentionables off for the last six months, and are close to running out of steam.koh-samui-villa

How did we know?

What, did you think you were the only one?

The next thing you’ll say is that you can’t afford to leave the office right now; your colleagues need you.

Do they? Do they really? Does anyone consult YOU when they want to take some time off?

When what you need is a holiday, there is only one thing to do

  1. Go on holidayRSA.1

No, it really is that simple. Can’t afford it? Rubbish. Have you checked out Deal Africa lately?

Here’s what you do… When you need a holiday!

  1. Find your laptop. It’s probably under a pile of papers, on or near your desk. Good luck.

(You may realise at some point that you’re using it as we speak)

  1. Switch it on (you’re tired, we need to go back to basics)
  2. Go to You’ll find it on the internet.
  3. On the left hand side, select “Holidays and Vacations”
  4. Now, you’d better sit down. We wouldn’t want you fainting at some of the things you’ll see before you.
  5. Here’s where it’s all up to you. There are plenty deals to pick from, most of them offering a discount of 50% or more. That’s half price! Who said you can’t afford to take some time off when you need a holiday?

Spoil yourself and hubby (your better half needs it too) with a 2-night breakaway (incl. breakfast) for two for only R1399! 53% off, can you believe it? Not to mention, it’s at the Three Cities Bantry Bay Suite Hotel.

Or how about a getaway for 2 (incl. breakfast) for only R699 per night at Lookout Lodge in Groblersdal, Limpopo? 50% off!

And those are just some of the offers on Deal Africa today… Why don’t you go check them out for yourself? You’re bound to find the perfect one.


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