Make This Easter Special


It’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. We are already in April, and Easter is just a few weekends away. For some families, it is a deeply religious occasion, and for others it is a fantastic opportunity to take some time off, relax and just unwind with the family.Easter-eggs-decoration

Here’s a few ideas to make this Easter special

Your spouse is expecting chocolate, champagne and probably flowers, and your kids have been reminding you for weeks about the Easter Bunny. The pressure is on you to pull it all off without a glitch.

A magical way to renew the faith in the Easter Bunny is to use the glass doors and window panes in your home to your advantage. Wet a little sand in a container, and use your fingertips to make some bunny paw prints on the glass – going in the direction of any opening windows. Leave your kids’ chocolate treats nearby and it will look like the Easter Bunny arrived, scattered some goodies and scurried off in a hurry. The only drawback to this clever trick is that your kids won’t let you sleep past 5am in their excitement – they’ll be jumping on you before you’ve even felt like you’ve closed your eyes.

For your spouse, make this Easter special by doing something just for the two of you. The night before Easter, once the kids are in bed, lay out a tray with some candles, Lindt chocolate eggs and champagne. Take some time just to catch up with one another and enjoy the company of the person you married. The rest is left to your imagination.


Make this Easter special by remembering what it is all about

You don’t have to be a devout Christian to appreciate the meaning behind Easter. For the Pagans, Easter was closely tied to Spring, and to new beginnings. The eggs represent the birth of new birds; new life and a fresh start. Don’t wait until the next New Year to make some resolutions. Honour Easter’s celebration of the circle of life by taking some time to look at your life and decide where you want to take it.


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