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VuvuPlaza was launched in the middle of 2010 and is one of the many group buying South Africa websites that offer consumers discounted deals on various products and services.

The group buying or “daily deal” concept enables consumers to buy in a group and therefore benefit from incredible discounts on products and services which the merchants are more willing to give due to large numbers of purchases.

VuvuPlaza has partnered with the “Independent Newspapers” (which runs the STAR, Argus and Mercury) thus enabling them to offer their daily deals both offline as well as online – giving them the extra access to consumers.

Although being backed by a large media company is a huge benefit in the promoting of group buying websites, or any website for that matter, it has been argued that this alone may not be enough as the group buying market has already shown: Dealify was backed by “Naspers” and spent large amounts of advertising (mainly on T.V.) before closing shop and Zappon was backed by media giant “Avusa” but also closed down after less than a year of running.

Like many of the other group buying websites, Vuvu offers salon deals, spa deals, home improvement deals, restaurant deals, vacation packages, concert tickets, and recently added a section for Mobile deals – all which can be found in the following cities:

VuvuPlaza Johannesburg

VuvuPlaza Durban

VuvuPlaza Cape Town

VuvuPlaza Pretoria

VuvuaPlaza Bloemfontein

On their website, they state that: The Vuvu mission is about consumer choice, well-priced products, and good service. We pride ourselves on first-class service”.

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