Wicount was founded in early 2010 buy two foreign entrepreneurs and offers consumers discounted daily deals on various products and services. In 2012, after a slight delay, Wicount launched its new website, with its’ light blue theme and soft white background. The overall design gives a nice neat look to the website.

Among the deals offered on the website, one can find restaurant deals, clothing deals, outdoor adventure  deals (like paintball or Quad biking), holiday deals and of course spa and relaxation deals. Wicount caters for most of the larger cities and list the following cities on their website:

Wicount Johannesburg

Wicount Cape Town

Wicount Durban

Wicount Pretoria

Success: If success can be judged by the amount of deals sold per offer (and assuming the numbers displayed are correct), then it seems that Wicount is doing ok with an average of about 100 – 300 coupons sold per offer.

Service: If one was to judge according to Wicount’s HelloPeter rankings, then it seems that their level of service is just above average, with 29 positive listings and 22 negative ones. Of course, one would also have to take into account the fact that Wicount exposed their customer’s details (not including financial information) on the wide open web in 2011. A mishap that also showed that they were buying their own deals – the reason for which is still unclear although some say was inorder to increase sales, so as to say: “see, others have bought this, you should too”.  

One of Wicount’s more rememberable successes was the Nando’s deal in which they sold over 7,000 coupons – an achievement that would even make Groupon South Africa blush.

All in all, Wicount has stood the test of time and has been in the group buying game for over 2 years now, making it one of the veterans.

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  1. They may be veterans, but the fact that they don’t respond to complaints on hello peter says a lot about their customer service. I have sent numerous emails in the last 4 days with no response.

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